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7 easy ways to build brand awareness

brand awareness

What is brand awareness? It can be defined on how a customer is aware of a brand.

It helps a customer to select your products and services by differentiating your brand from your competitors. People won’t buy from you if they are unaware of the special spark that makes your brand stand out from the cattle! As long as people remember your brand slogan, color, packaging, or something unique about your brand.

Sounds simple and easy, right? But the main question is how to increase brand awareness for small businesses?

Google! When it comes to finding an answer online you would immediately say, ‘Let’s Google it!’ Google is very frequently used by millions of people every minute to search almost everything even a name or a number. But without brand awareness investing tons of pennies on Google can be a little heavy on your wallet.

If you are a small business owner or a new business startup, you need to consider these points to create brand awareness.

Worth – of – mouth

Let’s suppose you have just opened a spa near a beech, under the sunny breeze. A perfect ideal location for any spa but what if people coming to that beach have no idea about your spa. You need only one loyal client! Yes, you heard right only one who can share your brand information with their family and friends. The more people talk about your brand, the more brand awareness you have.

Talk about your brand

One of the easiest ways to create brand awareness is when you talk about your brand. This can be blog posting, sponsored content, or sharing videos and images on social media. It will help you to build trust and establish familiarity among the audience.

Be unique

Being unique means being the only one, unlike anything or anyone else. Make your brand unique through brand identity. Your brand leaves an impression on your audience and brand identity is the process of shaping that impression and helping you to achieve “the unique” title.

Whenever you hear the name iPhone, you probably picture its well-known logo in your head an eaten apple, no matter if you are an iPhone user or not, you are very familiar with its brand identity.

Start media socialization

In today’s world, organic social media marketing is becoming more difficult if you want to make your product or service easy to reach for your customers you have to improve your social visibility. Start by creating social media accounts or pages and start sharing interesting videos, images, and stories about your brand.

Promotional activity

We all love free stuff! Stuff that can be any product or service and no matter if it’s a famous brand or a new one. It allows your customer to try your product or service before making a purchase. It is a “try it then buy it” opportunity for your customers. Start giving free samples and service vouchers, if they like it they will buy it and maybe become your premium customer in the future.

Paid advertisement

Another great and effective way to establish a connection with your audience is paid promotions, it can be Facebook ads or Google ads. People love to watch interesting stories and enjoy fun music. A strong ad with such qualities stimulate them emotionally, which will be a foundation for building an emotional relationship with your brand.

Influencer Marketing

In 2021, where social media marketing is helping a brand to shine in every corner, influencer marketing is also appreciated by many. These influencers can help you to build a strong image of your brand to your target audience.

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