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fulfillment by amazon

FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon. As an online seller, it allows you to utilize Amazon’s 100 huge warehouses in the U.S to store and ship your products to the end-users you sell through the website. 

Using Amazon FBA means you don’t need to worry about how little or how much space you need for the storage of your products. 

Sounds interesting right? But every coin has two sides to know all the pros and cons of Amazon FBA keep reading this blog!

How Amazon FBA Works?

Send your product to Amazon FBA 

Amazon has huge warehouses, in which few are over a million square feet. When you tell Amazon which products are you willing to send to FBA, Amazon will tell you which warehouse to ships your products to? 

Amazon stores your products

Once amazon has received your product they will add them to their inventory. Amazon will store your products safely in case of any damage they will recompense you.

Customer purchase your products

When a customer buys from you the Amazon FBA takes care of all the transactions made. They accept the payment from the buyer and automatically update your inventory.

Amazon picks and packs product

Once a purchase is made successfully Amazon's workers grab your product from the warehouse and packs it into a box and make it ready for shipment.

Shipment to the customers

Once a product is safely reached for shipment, Amazon sends your products to customers and they make sure that the right product is being delivered to the right customer.

Watch out customer service

Amazon is always praised by many people for its pre-purchase and post purchase services. In FBA, Amazon follows up to make sure your customers are satisfied with your product. They also handle returns or any feedback from your customers.

Get Paid!

Once all the process mentioned above is completed successfully, Amazon sums up your sales and deduct the seller fees and after every two weeks, they deposit your profit in your bank account.

That’s it! Sounds pretty simple and easy? Probably it is. 

Amazon FBA can be a little costly because it charges you a storage fee as well as a shipping fee and they, do charge for the returns processing fee. 

But it does worth it! It takes all the work in their hands and takes all the burden off your shoulder.

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