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Effective tips for Time Management

time management

Difficult to manage working hours? They say until you can manage time, you can manage nothing else. 

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have enough time to do every task, whereas, others are always running from their tasks, and never seem to finish any? The idea that the workday flew without any incomplete task is a daydream. We all want to finish our tasks before killing the clock. It’s not about spending more time but controlling and planning your time. 

What is time management?

The process of planning and controlling ‘when and how much time to spend on a specific goal/task. Good time management focuses on completing activities in a shorter period. 

It helps individuals’ lower stress and leads to success but how do we become better time managers? Good time management leads to better and improved productivity and work efficiency. Here are some easy yet effective tips to manage your time efficiently.

Time audit

Starts by finding out where your time goes and create a time audit. If you spend a majority of your time each day meeting, appointments, calls, & conversations. A time audit is a process of examining how you spend your time each day, week, or month. You can surmise out of time management and can set up a proper schedule for the future.

Put a time limit

Put a time limit on tasks and identify your tasks that take longer than you expect. You can use Microsoft teams to assign daily tasks or you can track your tasks on a pad and create your task register. It will help you to track how much time you spend on each task.

Create daily plans

Time management adds up to making choices. Should you spend your day in a meeting or layout your more important work? Spend the first 30 minutes of your day to create your daily plans and divide your working hours proportionately. 

Set priorities 

More than anything, we need to realize that time is fleeting, and if we don’t set priorities, we’ll be left with incomplete tasks and the lowest performance! Separate your most demanding tasks from the to-do-list and mark it as the most important task that you want to deliver within 36 hours and complete your most important and demanding tasks first. It is a good way to arrange your task from urgent to trivial. 

Avoid multitasking

After finishing a project, evaluate your performance. Don’t multitask! Maintain your quality standards. Try to finish a task at a time, and think how the tasks you are doing and how can you improve your performance. Time management helps you to manage and divide your tasks so that you don’t have to rush to complete tasks at the last minute and compromise quality.

Schedule breaks

Non-stop tasking might give you chills on a hot day. Lots of tasks without a break are hefty to stay focused and motivated. When the sky is filled with dark clouds the sun can’t shine. Take breaks between tasks and allow some downtime to refresh yourself to clear those clouds. It will help you to reduce stress and enjoy your work. 


Want to control your time each day? Looking to minimize your incomplete tasks and maximize your work efficiency. Take a deep breath and relax! Don’t overthink don’t worry.

Stop worrying about things and start working on a solution. Create standard time management and increase your work efficiency for better results in the future. Share your views with us!


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