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Insta-spice Case study

insta spice


Instaspice is a family-run business, owned by a couple with the concept of delivering quality food to its valued customers. They asked that we design/redesign/update their present e-commerce website, giving it a modern and completely responsive design that would help drive sales and feature their amazing products. 

How estore helped? 

Through each step of the process team, Estore Company was responsive and available. The team blew away assumptions delivering the new website. The design was straightforward and made successful navigation. When a client can't discover what they are searching for quickly, they leave. The design was engaging and intelligent of their personality as a merchant.   

all screen instaspice

Instaspice subscription module 

While the look and feel are significant. They wanted a special subscription through which they can deliver lunch or dinner to its customers, on weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. 

subscription module

If a customer is selecting one monthly subscription he/she will choose his favorite meal.

monthly subscription

Insta-spice product page 

On their product page, a customer has a variety of multiple dishes where he can easily choose his desired meal.

insta spice product page

Once he has selected his meal, the customer can read the description and get a full recipe for a traditional dish. Their concept of sharing the very authentic recipe was wonderful.  

product description insta spice

To the finish line 

Would you like to experience the distinctive of working with extraordinary customer service and quality? Estore Company Web Design is prepared to alleviate the pressure of an outdated website from your business. 

footer insta spice