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Elephant never forgets case study

Client: Elephant never forgets


Estore company service provided:

The estore company has been supporting the elephant never forgets IT needs since November 2020. We are proud to meet their technology needs and became their information technology consultancy provider. The deeper relationship created an opportunity to review the Ecommerce module.

Sending fresh flowers is a pure way of pampering your loved ones, if it’s one location you can simply select, and deliver but what if a buyer wants to do multiple purchases for multiple destinations. Elephant never forgets wanted to provide multiple deliveries for its clients and save time.

Project goal

Develop a better IT system, integrate and improve purchase options. Ensure it is secure to do multiply purchases with a secure payment gateway.


The Client

Formed in 2015, Elephant never forgets is the team behind providing freshly picked and delivered scented flowers to its customers through a simple and easy online purchasing process.

Defining Challenges

The elephant never forgets served very well. However, the need for greater better, and reliable delivery from anywhere meant the time was ripe to evolve. Gavin wanted an option through which his buyers can easily select more than one delivery destination with multiple flowers at a time.

“Gavin came to us after trying hard, He was on a hunt for a skilled and experienced team/developers to fill his shoes” - Estore Team

Our team wanted to develop a system through which buyers can deliver multiple products in different locations with a secure payment gateway.

Solution Integration

Our team created a subscription module, to resolve the problem.

“We need to integrate a subscription module for better user experience, also for the business module on the behalf of better scalable algorithms” - Developer

subscription module

We created strategy for better user experience and efficient functionality. On subscription page, the user will choose a subscription plan.

product image

After selecting single or multiple deliveries, the subscription page will move to the collection where the buyer can view or select products.

how it works

The last step will show when and where to ship, the buyer will fill in the information of single or multiple destinations.

This will help the elephant never forgets to make multiple deliveries of a buyer.