Virtual Assistant Companies: Where Does the Talent Come From?

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20 April, 2022
Virtual Assistant Companies

As a business owner, you’re constantly balancing many different areas of your business to keep it running smoothly. Managing the workload and thinking about the relationship between cost vs efficiency are both important factors to consider when making decisions. One cost-effective way to grow your business is through the use of virtual assistants from virtual assistant companies. You may be wondering exactly where this talent comes from and how it remains so cost-effective without losing any quality in the work – let’s dive in.

How do Virtual Assistant Agencies Work?

A virtual assistant agency manages a group of professional virtual assistants that they have already vetted to verify skills, talent level, and more. Many times, the agency will have their virtual assistants go through additional training in popular tools and programs in order to set them up for success before they’re even assigned to work with a client. This is a huge benefit since it means you have to spend less time onboarding your virtual assistant, and they can start making a positive impact on your business sooner.

Once the virtual assistant has been trained and vetted, the virtual assistant agency will match them with clients for the best fit. They’ll look at things like client needs and the professional experience of the virtual assistants in order to find the right partnership to drive business success. Not to worry though – if the relationship isn’t working, you can go to the virtual assistant company. They have the flexibility and expertise to provide you with another match right away. This immediate change is something that wouldn’t be possible if you hired a random person yourself.

One final callout is that the virtual assistant agency will manage your virtual assistant to ensure you’re satisfied with your experience. They will be there every step of the way to address any questions, stay on top of performance, and ensure the virtual assistant is executing to your standards. This saves you time since you won’t have to deal with the higher-level management of your virtual assistant. You just have to pass along tasks and can remain confident they will be completed.

Where do Virtual Assistants Work From?

Virtual assistants work fully remotely. For this reason, if you’re a US business, you’ll actually be able to find the best talent by broadening your scope and bringing on the best talent from overseas. This is also where the difference in cost comes into play. Compared to hiring employees, hiring virtual assistants can save up to 78% of operating costs per year while still bringing the same level of expertise.

Average Rate (USD) Per Hour$29.52$9.83$10.54$14.17$8.65$13.04

As displayed in the table above, countries outside the US have significantly lower rates per hour. When thinking about passing along work, ask yourself if they really need to be from the US or not. Think about the actual requirements you need someone to have and make a list. For example, your requirements may be that your virtual assistant must:

  • Speak English
  • Have experience in a specific tool or skill
  • Be someone you trust with your business data

All of these requirements, and more, can easily be met by someone outside the US for a much more reasonable cost. English is the most widely spoken language around the world, and virtual assistant companies will ensure fluency when vetting their candidates. In addition to the training provided by the virtual assistant company, nearly 60% of virtual assistants have some level of college education, meaning it’s likely they already have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful at your company. Finally, there is the importance of finding the right fit and someone you trust to come in and assist your company. This is where a virtual assistant agency becomes the best decision – you can be confident your virtual assistant is vetted and that someone besides you will be watching over them.

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Final Thoughts

No matter which country you outsource work to, they’re all more cost-effective than hiring someone within the US. Virtual assistants in other countries have the same, and even higher, skill level than anywhere else, and you get that experience and expertise for an affordable price. If you’re still feeling apprehensive about bringing someone new into your business, consider using a virtual assistant agency. You’ll always have their legitimate business practices to rely on instead of hoping things work out with a random person you do not know. A virtual assistant agency will provide you with both a great virtual assistant and peace of mind which is priceless.

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